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Your Brand Post COVID-19

Updated: May 4, 2020

Hello, and Welcome to CamMi Photo Booth Blog Page!

As a business, we are continuously considering how we will be pivoting and continue to bring joy to the communities we serve. And what better way to bring joy to our corporate partners, brand activation, and brand ambassador clients. And we are saddened by everything that is happening around us. But we want to encourage you to keep going! We are all in this together, and this is not easy to say, but life as we know it has been forever altered.

Today more than ever, corporate brands will be challenged to be the first to communicate empathy, show that they care for their community, and, more importantly – plan for a successful re-engagement through positive experience.

Looking at the future of your company and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, would you ask a plan that you have developed to re-engage the client base includes a photo booth?

Are you utilizing this time to consider how you will reinvest your marketing dollars and gain the attention of what will be known as the post-pandemic consumer? How do you see your current and prospective clients re-engaging with the company brand?

Asking you to think through some of these future goals may not be easy. And it may seem as though we might not reach this point soon enough. But I want you to consider the following.

  • What if you had a partner to help you plan for how to re-engage your community?

  • What if you had a planner to help you find the events near you, and help you gain 10x times the exposure beyond the event booth?

  • What if you could put your millennial clients to work for you?

Our Brand Ambassador Package can do all of this and offer an all-inclusive or ala-cart package to boost your brand reach beyond the upcoming showcase events, expos, and festivals!

With branded personalized high-resolution 4 x 6 images, hashtag generation, and the capture of accurate data. We can help support your efforts by expanding your reach on social media a minimum of 20-times within the first hour that your branded images posted. We can also provide a team of brand ambassadors – ready to provide a positive and engaging experience that attendees will want to share.

If large gatherings are not part of your future outreach marketing plan, then that’s okay! We can come to your location and help you provide a shareable experience for your visitors, clients, and team. With branded boomerangs, photo stills, and shareable content – you can put our selfie-station to work for you.

Because what we do first will matter, I’d like to highly encourage you to connect with one of our representatives to learn more about how we can support your branding efforts post the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can also visit us at to view a small sample of past brand activation's and availability.

Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to serving you and your brand soon.

Be healthy and safe,

Cynthia Gamboa, Owner and Content Creator



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