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Pop-of-Love: FAQ's

Q: How Long Will The Balloon Garland Last Outdoors?

A: The expected life of a balloon exposed to outdoor elements can be up to three days. Weather conditions such as high temperatures, rain, and wind can alter the life expectancy of the latex material.


Q: Can The Balloon Garland Be Relocated To an Indoor Part of My Home?

A: Yes! The Balloon Garlands are tied in place using two-pound command strips. At the home-owners convenience, the balloon garland can easily be self-relocate to the interior of the home. We highly advise all clients to use the utmost care to transport the balloon garland as rough surfaces, and the change in temperature can cause damage to the latex/mylar balloons.

Q: How Long Will The Balloon Garland Last Indoors?

A: The expected life of a balloon kept indoors can be up to 12 days.

Q: Do you offer NO CONTACT delivery and installation?

A: Yes, we do offer a full no contact delivery and installation—our team install and set-up the balloon garland within under an hour.

Q: How Far In Advance Should I Place My Order?

A: Please allow for a two-week window from the time you order the balloon garland to the time of installation. We can accommodate orders within the same week, but cannot guarantee that all of the upgrades will be available at the time you order.


Q: Do You Offer Removal?

A: Yes! We do offer all of our client's easy scheduling for removal. We will remove and dispose of all materials.

Q: Do You Offer Mylar Balloon Garlands?

A: Yes! While not pictured in the gallery. We understand that our clients loved ones might have an allergic reaction to latex material or powder used in latex balloons. We offer a 5' to 6' --Mylar Crown Garland for $185. The 6' mylar balloon of your choice of shapes and size (star, heart, or circle).

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